HP 0A04 HP 240 245 250 255 256 G2 G3 Laptop Battery

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1. Extended battery life for uninterrupted usage.
2. Seamless compatibility with HP G2/G3 series laptops.
3. Hassle-free installation and easy setup.
4. Assured quality and safety through rigorous testing.
5. Eco-friendly, made with sustainable materials.
6. Revitalize your laptop’s performance.
7. Reliable and consistent power supply.
8. Perfect replacement for the original battery.
9. Boost productivity and stay productive on-the-go.

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Introducing the HP 0A04 Laptop Battery for HP 240, 245, 250, 255, and 256 G2/G3 Series!

Revitalize your HP laptop’s performance with the HP 0A04 Laptop Battery, the perfect replacement for your original battery. Designed to be compatible with various HP G2 and G3 series models, this high-quality battery ensures your laptop stays powered up and ready to tackle any task, be it work, entertainment, or creativity.

Key Features

1. Extended Battery Life:

Never worry about your laptop running out of juice in the middle of an important task again. The HP 0A04 Laptop Battery boasts an extended battery life, providing you with hours of uninterrupted usage on a single charge.

2. Reliable Performance:

Engineered with precision, this battery is built to deliver reliable and consistent performance. Rest assured that it will work seamlessly with your HP 240, 245, 250, 255, and 256 G2/G3 series laptops, just like the original battery.

3. Easy Installation:

The battery is designed for hassle-free installation, so you can quickly swap out your old battery and replace it with this new one. No technical expertise required!

4. Quality and Safety Assured:

The HP 0A04 Laptop Battery undergoes rigorous testing to ensure it meets the highest industry standards for quality and safety. You can trust that your laptop is in good hands with this genuine HP battery.

5. Environmentally Friendly:

Made with eco-friendly materials, this battery is designed to have minimal impact on the environment, making it a sustainable choice for conscious consumers.



– HP 240 G2/G3 Series
– HP 245 G2/G3 Series
– HP 250 G2/G3 Series
– HP 255 G2/G3 Series
– HP 256 G2/G3 Series

Please note that while this battery is compatible with various G2 and G3 series models, we recommend verifying the compatibility with your specific laptop model to ensure a perfect fit.

Take charge of your productivity and never miss a beat with the HP 0A04 Laptop Battery. Upgrade your HP laptop today and experience the freedom of extended battery life. Order now and enjoy fast shipping and a satisfaction guarantee!

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