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1. Robust antivirus protection against viruses, malware, and ransomware.
2. Real-time web protection for secure browsing and downloads.
3. Two-way firewall to prevent unauthorized access and data leaks.
4. Safeguard online banking and shopping with enhanced security.
5. Parental control feature for safe internet usage by children.
6. Privacy protection tools to secure personal information.
7. Advanced email protection against spam and phishing attempts.
8. User-friendly interface and system optimization for smooth performance.
9. 24/7 free customer support for prompt assistance.
10. Lightweight and high-performance solution for all users.

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Secure your digital world with eScan Total Security BD, a comprehensive and advanced cybersecurity solution that offers unparalleled protection against a wide range of online threats. With its powerful features, user-friendly interface, and reliable performance, eScan Total Security BD is your ultimate defense against viruses, malware, phishing attacks, and more.

Key Features

1. Real-Time Protection

eScan Total Security BD constantly monitors your system, files, and internet activities in real-time, ensuring that malicious threats are detected and neutralized before they can cause harm.

2. Advanced Antivirus

Equipped with advanced antivirus technology, eScan safeguards your device from viruses, worms, Trojans, and other malware, providing you with a secure browsing and computing experience.

3. Anti-Phishing

Stay protected against phishing attacks that attempt to steal your personal and financial information. eScan’s anti-phishing feature identifies and blocks fraudulent websites, keeping your sensitive data safe.

4. Firewall

The built-in firewall adds an extra layer of protection by monitoring incoming and outgoing network traffic. It prevents unauthorized access and defends your system against hacking attempts.

5. Privacy Protection

Safeguard your privacy with eScan’s privacy control features. Keep your personal information secure and prevent unauthorized access to your sensitive data.

6. Parental Control

Ensure a safe online environment for your children with eScan’s parental control feature. Monitor and manage their online activities while shielding them from inappropriate content.


  • Supported Platforms: Windows (versions)
  • License Type: Annual subscription
  • Updates: Regular updates for the latest threat definitions and security enhancements
  • Technical Support: 24/7 customer support to assist with any queries or issues


  • Users appreciate the robust real-time protection, praising its ability to detect and eliminate threats effectively.
  • The user-friendly interface receives positive feedback for its ease of use and straightforward configuration options.
  • The firewall feature is lauded for its effectiveness in blocking unauthorized access attempts and suspicious network activity.


  • Some users mention that the initial setup process can be slightly time-consuming for less tech-savvy individuals.
  • A few users report occasional system slowdowns during intensive scans, although this is common with many security software.


1. What is the price of eScan Total Security in BD?

The eScan Total Security BD pricing can vary based on the subscription duration and any ongoing promotions. You can find the latest pricing details on our website.

2. Is eScan Total Security compatible with Mac computers?

No, eScan Total Security is currently designed for Windows operating systems only.

3. Does eScan Total Security include mobile device protection?

eScan Total Security primarily focuses on providing protection for Windows-based systems. For mobile device security, you may consider eScan Mobile Security solutions.

Safeguard your digital life with eScan Total Security BD today and enjoy peace of mind while exploring the vast online world. With its comprehensive feature set and competitive pricing, you can ensure that your devices and personal data remain protected from the ever-evolving cyber threats.

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